The Way to A Healthier Life Starts With Understanding your Brain
Our Story

RI.MIND GROUP LTD., an Israeli neuro-technology service company, focused on the cannabis and nutraceuticals markets, is currently raising funding for its go-to-market strategy and product expansion. 

Our Vision

RI.Mind has set its goal to re-shape the cannabis/nutraceuticals markets by delivering personalized therapeutic solutions, and replacing anecdotal data with Evidence Based Actionable Information to prescribers and users. 


Ri.Mind detects, predicts and monitors the effects of cannabinoid-based products and nutraceuticals on the human brain by identifying neural patterns related to cognitive conditions, pharmaco-kinetics, therapeutic effects and clinical outcomes; thus, enabling data-driven product/ strain selection, intake and optimization of dosage and desired outcome.


The Challenge

Over 1,000 strains of cannabis are being actively cultivated today, all with widely different cannabinoid ratios and terpene profiles, capable of inducing different subjective experiences and medical therapeutic effects. Finding the right strain for a particular patient dealing with a specific condition can be a daunting talk. To compound the challenge, another key factor in personalizing cannabis care relates to dosing: how much should a patient take to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment while minimizing side effects?

Personalised Medicine

Doctors and HMOs need to personalise the most appropriate cannabis product to each patient and understanding differences between patients.

Repeating Medical Conditions

Patients require ongoing monitoring and patient-care management due to repeating medical conditions

Agriculture As A Drug

Agri-cannabis companies need to: Know the effect of their products on medical conditions Obtain tools for managing product repeatability and diversity Deal with largely unknown results of plant / cannabinoids effects on medical conditions Address adverse medical effects


Data is Key

The Challenges Medicine Faces Today

Data is not collected and  cross-referenced along the chain: from producers (farmers) and distributors, to doctors and HMOs, through to end-users (patients), as well as regulators and government agencies (such as FDA). This lack of qualitative and quantitative data creates the following problems:

Major Issues


Trial and error


Difficulty in Identifying, tracking, and measuring medical cannabis effectiveness


Uncertainty about relevant and active ingredients


No consistency in strains and quality


No effective feedback from patients


No tools for doctors, HMOs and regulators


The Solution

Big Data + AI + Machine Learning = 

personalised medical cannabis prescriptions per drug, per condition, per patient.

RI.MIND has partnered with Elminda, an emerging biotechnology company dedicated to paving a path to better brain health by integrating big-data repositories AI and machine-learning algorithms with its proprietary BNA platform. BNA is an electro-physiology based functional brain mapping, imaging and monitoring technology for the early detection of potential abnormalities due to aging or incidence, as well as for monitoring the progress and impact of interventions, including lifestyle changes.

Elminda's BNA technology enables the creation of new standards for diagnosis, prediction and identification of conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, Alzheimer, pain, concussion, PTSD, etc. Furthermore, it facilitates measuring the effectiveness of drug usage, condition progress/remission, prediction of drug effectiveness, and the monitoring of patients well-being.

R & D

12 years of advanced research and development

$60 Million 

Investment to date

Largest Data Base

Most rapidly growing proprietary brain functions data set (over 400K)

60 Patents

Over 60 patents issued or pending

Globally Acclaimed

FDA approval and reimbursed schemes, winner of 2018 Erickson award for excellence in aging research.

Some Stats

USD 28 B

Global medical cannabis market in 2024 

— Energias Market Research 2018

Less than 50%

Estimated current success rate in treating

brain-related disorders with

medical cannabis products

— Elminda

USD 216.75 B

Global precision medicine market by 2028

— BIS Research 2019

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