The Solution

Big Data + AI + Machine Learning = 

personalised medical cannabis prescriptions per drug, per condition, per patient.

RI.MIND has partnered with Elminda, an emerging biotechnology company dedicated to paving a path to better brain health by integrating big-data repositories AI and machine-learning algorithms with its proprietary BNA platform. BNA is an electro-physiology based functional brain mapping, imaging and monitoring technology for the early detection of potential abnormalities due to aging or incidence, as well as for monitoring the progress and impact of interventions, including lifestyle changes.

Elminda's BNA technology enables the creation of new standards for diagnosis, prediction and identification of conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, Alzheimer, pain, concussion, PTSD, etc. Furthermore, it facilitates measuring the effectiveness of drug usage, condition progress/remission, prediction of drug effectiveness, and the monitoring of patients well-being.

R & D

12 years of advanced research and development

$60 Million 

Investment to date

Largest Data Base

Most rapidly growing proprietary brain functions data set (over 400K)

60 Patents

Over 60 patents issued or pending

Globally Acclaimed

FDA approval and reimbursed schemes, winner of 2018 Erickson award for excellence in aging research.